Being Prepared for Your Move

Being prepared for your upcoming removal is the key to its success. Start as soon as it’s convenient and record the contents on the outside of each carton. Alternatively make a list of each carton number with a description next to each number listing contents of the cartons. This will make it easier for you at delivery, as you will not need to look through every carton just to find one item. Another good point is to wash all of your clothes before move day. It will be wonderful when you arrive not to have to worry about a great pile of dirty clothes.

Kitchen appliances:

If any of these require professional re-connection or plumbing, make arrangements for the appropriate electrician, plumber, or other service provider to call on moving day or the day before and again on delivery.

Gas Appliances:

Always have your gas appliances serviced, installed, and uninstalled by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) suggested service provider. This will ensure the maximum level of safety for all parties involved in the handling and transport of these items. Moving companies cannot disassemble gas appliances. You can even call a certified plumber in your area.


Despite their size, freezers are delicate machines which should be prepared for removal with care. If possible, start to empty the contents some time before your removal. We advise to never move your freezer when full: it is quite easy to damage the frame or interior when moving, and there is always the risk that defrosting will occur and leave puddles of water in the house or the truck. Be prepared!

Other advice:

You may wish to draw up a floor plan of your new home and, using appropriately scaled pieces of paper, make sure that your furniture fits where you would like. This can be important in the kitchen, where the spaces left for appliances never seem standardized. If you draw up furniture plans before the move, give copies to your driver at delivery. If you’re moving interstate, decide now whether you are going to need overnight hotel accommodation AirBNB. If you’re driving interstate, consider getting the car serviced sooner rather than later. Also carry a spare gallon or two of gasoline in your vehicle (preferably on the outside of the vehicle if possible).

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