Residential Moves

Residential moving is by far the most common type of moving in the United States. With
millions of people moving into and out of places every year, the demand for high quality
moving companies has risen sharply. Come Choose the best Oakland movers for your peace of
mind. Many people are surprised to find out that the bulk of moving services provided in the
United States is by small companies such as All Bay Movers. With heavy industry regulation, via
the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), customers can feel assured knowing that
there are minimum standard that moving businesses in California must adhere to in order to be
fully qualified to move people.
Industry standards and professional experience combined give All Bay Movers the knowledge to
do the following:

  • Handle items safely
  • Load and unload moving van in a safe and proper way
  • Drive with professionalism
  • Charge customers according within state guidelines
  • Protect customer’s household item
  • Maintain a solid reputation
    Historically, the process of moving was complicated, but with the advent of computer software,
    the booking process, navigation, and logistical constraints have been lifted. This has reduced
    the cost of moving for the customer. For example, with All Bay Movers customers can logon to
    the site, fill out a reservation form, and within minutes and after availability is determined,
    book their move date. Another improvement has been in navigating around the city. Before
    mapping software, it was difficult for drivers to find their way around the hundreds of
    neighborhoods in the Bay Area. Now drivers are dispatched carrying smart devices which safely
    guide drivers to their destination. This allows the driver to focus on keeping themselves and the
    items on board safe from harm.
    At All Bay Movers, we have perfected the art of customer service. Perhaps this is why we have a
    five-star rating on Google and Yelp. Find out for yourself why our customers consistently say we
    are the best Bay Area movers with the best local moving company.