Moving and our smaller brothers

Traditionally, the organization of moving is associated with a bunch of boxes and huge trucks with things. The transportation of property seems the most difficult and important thing. Pet owners, however, will not agree with this statement. The fact is that our smaller brothers are very difficult to endure a change of scenery, so moving for them is a huge stress. With the right approach, however, it can be made minimal, and that is what we want to tell you about today.

Which pets are considered the most common? Of course, cats and dogs. Change of residence for the former is a very difficult test. This is explained by the fact that mewing pets most often live at home, and the owners do not take them with them on any trips. Thus, moving for cats is often the first experience traveling in a car, and therefore they can behave completely unpredictably. Some, for example, clog into some far corner and scream loudly. The worst thing is if your pet chooses as a shelter an opening under the brake pedal. No more pleasant is the situation when a furry beast begins to randomly rush around the car, scratching and biting everyone who comes “under the arm”, including the driver.

To avoid such horrors, it is enough to buy a special container for transporting cats – they are sold in every pet store. We also advise to introduce the pet in advance to the “house”. And, by the way, upon arrival to a new apartment, do not forget to treat your cat with its favorite food.

As for the dogs, they tolerate the move quite easily, because most of them have already traveled in a car more than once. For this reason, experts recommend transporting pets in the car that they already know. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to at least reduce the stress of the animal by laying it on a familiar litter. Do not forget that small dogs should be transported in special containers, and large ones should be fastened with a seat belt. In countries such as Germany, a violation of these rules is punishable by a fine.

If your pet is a bird, then for its transportation you need to purchase a dark box with holes for air. Or you can just cover the cage with dark tissue. Anyway it is necessary that one of the owners hold the container with the animal tight, or at least fasten it to the seat.

Transportation of fish is also a rather time-consuming process, especially considering that these pets are very difficult to tolerate a change of residence. To get started, you need to drain most of the water from the aquarium into a bottle with a screw cap. The rest you put in a special container for fish, where your little friends will be during the move. The aquarium itself should be packaged with special care – fragile glass can easily break, so it needs to be wrapped. The best material for this is bubble wrap.

And finally, rodents. Due to their small size, they do not create any problems during the move – just pick up the cage in which they live.

In conclusion, we would like to say that any pets should never be transported in the trunk, since caustic exhausts adversely affect the health of animals. Moreover, your pets can even suffocate!

All Bay Movers wishes you a nice move and want you to remember that our professionally trained staff is always ready to help you both in residential and commercial move!

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