Commercial Moves

We move commercial offices too! All Bay Movers has professionally trained staff skilled in
moving office equipment. In fact, we have the best staff of movers in Oakland. Using our the
Bay Area’a premier moving company, All Bay Movers, to move your office is making a wise
choice, because our reliability and reputation exceed most expectations.
Oftentimes managers and businessowners are hesitant about selecting commercial moving
companies because their office has equipment that is specialized and that requires delicate
handling. Our movers have specialized knowledge in handling such items. Do not just choose
any moving company. Make sure the company is authorized to move companies by the
California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). This is a State of California public agency that
regulates providers of transportation industry.
The following types of business will find it beneficial to use All Bay Movers commercial services

  • Small tax firms
  • Medium sized accounting offices
  • Real estate companies
  • Small tech firms

In fact, since the population boom of the 1970s and 1990s, the Bay Area has seen rapid increase
in business productivity and the need for items to be transported. Companies are opening
offices all around the bay. That’s why we are conveniently called All Bay Movers. This increase
has allowed All Bay Movers to expand our operations, hire and train a continually developing
staff, and receive recognition for excellent customer service and safety. Just read our reviews
on Yelp and Google to find out. There are many choices, but please do not be misled by
companies who say they are prepared to move you but then show up in a Uhaul truck
demanding high payments. We have professional trucks, equipment, staff, and solid reputation.
We understand the need for businesses to have movers that can offer fast, efficient, affordable,
and reliable moving services to them. Our focus since our inception has been on sharpening and
perfecting those qualities in our company culture. The time is now to make a wise decision on
who you would like to move with. Our choice is obviously All Bay Movers. We know you will be
completely satisfied with us.