Insurance for Your Move

Having insurance when moving is crucial. All Bay Movers uses the standard .60 cents per pound valuation for items. There is a claim process whereby a claim is submitted, reviewed, and if determined to be accurate, a value is assessed by the weight of the item. For example:
If Jenny’s big screen television, weighing 125 lbs., is broken during transport and it is determined that the moving company is responsible, the customer will be paid $75.
If Tim’s gold necklace is damaged during transport and the claim is approved the customer will receive about $.60. This is because the necklace weighs less than one pound.
There is an option for you to purchase third-party insurance. Please call a provider for more information.
Certificate of Insurance
There is an additional insurance that most modern high rises require. That insurance is called Certificate of Insurance. Are you not sure if your building required it? If you’re not sure call your property management folks and ask them if they require one. They should be able to help you since it is their policy and therefore their responsibility to issue the certificates. It is also the responsibility of the customer to notify All Bay Movers if there is a Certificate of Insurance required for our record keeping purposes.
The reasons modern housing complexes require this document is due to the damages occurring. The certificate is added protection from losses occurring due to these potential damages. It’s a great idea to call and check with your landlord even if you do not believe that you need a certificate. Remember to call for your destination as well.
Here is an example:
Phil decides he wants to move to Beverly Hills from San Jose. He currently lives in a high-rise apartment in downtown San Jose. He calls his management team to inform them of the move. They notify him that a Certificate of Insurance is required. Phil signs the necessary paperwork. Later when Phil’s movers arrive, one of the workers accidentally damages one of the elevator buttons. A claim is made by the property manager and the insurance company pays the company the necessary money to fix the button. Everybody walks away happy.
It’s always good to have this just to be sure. You could even suggest it to your landlord even if it is not required for you to have one.