Moving and our smaller brothers

Traditionally, the organization of moving is associated with a bunch of boxes and huge trucks with things. The transportation of property seems the most difficult and important thing. Pet owners, however, will not agree with this statement. The fact is that our smaller brothers are very difficult to endure a change of scenery, so moving for them is a huge stress. With the right approach, however, it can be made minimal, and that is what we want to tell you about today.

Which pets are considered the most common? Of course, cats and dogs. Change of residence for the former is a very difficult test. This is explained by the fact that mewing pets most often live at home, and the owners do not take them with them on any trips. Thus, moving for cats is often the first experience traveling in a car, and therefore they can behave completely unpredictably. Some, for example, clog into some far corner and scream loudly. The worst thing is if your pet chooses as a shelter an opening under the brake pedal. No more pleasant is the situation when a furry beast begins to randomly rush around the car, scratching and biting everyone who comes “under the arm”, including the driver.

To avoid such horrors, it is enough to buy a special container for transporting cats – they are sold in every pet store. We also advise to introduce the pet in advance to the “house”. And, by the way, upon arrival to a new apartment, do not forget to treat your cat with its favorite food.

As for the dogs, they tolerate the move quite easily, because most of them have already traveled in a car more than once. For this reason, experts recommend transporting pets in the car that they already know. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to at least reduce the stress of the animal by laying it on a familiar litter. Do not forget that small dogs should be transported in special containers, and large ones should be fastened with a seat belt. In countries such as Germany, a violation of these rules is punishable by a fine.

If your pet is a bird, then for its transportation you need to purchase a dark box with holes for air. Or you can just cover the cage with dark tissue. Anyway it is necessary that one of the owners hold the container with the animal tight, or at least fasten it to the seat.

Transportation of fish is also a rather time-consuming process, especially considering that these pets are very difficult to tolerate a change of residence. To get started, you need to drain most of the water from the aquarium into a bottle with a screw cap. The rest you put in a special container for fish, where your little friends will be during the move. The aquarium itself should be packaged with special care – fragile glass can easily break, so it needs to be wrapped. The best material for this is bubble wrap.

And finally, rodents. Due to their small size, they do not create any problems during the move – just pick up the cage in which they live.

In conclusion, we would like to say that any pets should never be transported in the trunk, since caustic exhausts adversely affect the health of animals. Moreover, your pets can even suffocate!

All Bay Movers wishes you a nice move and want you to remember that our professionally trained staff is always ready to help you both in residential and commercial move!

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Being Prepared for Your Move

Being prepared for your upcoming removal is the key to its success. Start as soon as it’s convenient and record the contents on the outside of each carton. Alternatively make a list of each carton number with a description next to each number listing contents of the cartons. This will make it easier for you at delivery, as you will not need to look through every carton just to find one item. Another good point is to wash all of your clothes before move day. It will be wonderful when you arrive not to have to worry about a great pile of dirty clothes.

Kitchen appliances:

If any of these require professional re-connection or plumbing, make arrangements for the appropriate electrician, plumber, or other service provider to call on moving day or the day before and again on delivery.

Gas Appliances:

Always have your gas appliances serviced, installed, and uninstalled by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) suggested service provider. This will ensure the maximum level of safety for all parties involved in the handling and transport of these items. Moving companies cannot disassemble gas appliances. You can even call a certified plumber in your area.


Despite their size, freezers are delicate machines which should be prepared for removal with care. If possible, start to empty the contents some time before your removal. We advise to never move your freezer when full: it is quite easy to damage the frame or interior when moving, and there is always the risk that defrosting will occur and leave puddles of water in the house or the truck. Be prepared!

Other advice:

You may wish to draw up a floor plan of your new home and, using appropriately scaled pieces of paper, make sure that your furniture fits where you would like. This can be important in the kitchen, where the spaces left for appliances never seem standardized. If you draw up furniture plans before the move, give copies to your driver at delivery. If you’re moving interstate, decide now whether you are going to need overnight hotel accommodation AirBNB. If you’re driving interstate, consider getting the car serviced sooner rather than later. Also carry a spare gallon or two of gasoline in your vehicle (preferably on the outside of the vehicle if possible).

At All in Moving Systems, we know all of the ins and outs of moving. This is why we are the best moving company in the Bay Area. Give us a call today with any questions or comments

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Local Moving Company in Milpitas, CA – All Bay Movers

All Bay Movers is the best moving company in Milpitas. This beautiful Silicon Valley city is situated north of San Jose and about 35 minutes south of Oakland (without traffic). It is a highly recommended city for those who are involved in the tech industry. The average housing cost here is about $1 million, so be prepared to spend high on your new home. But for such a high price you are paying for safe and aesthetically pleasing neighborhood.

Milpitas is part of the Bay Area. The Bay Area has well north of 7 million people living in it’s confines. From San Francisco to San Jose to Oakland, hundreds of thousands of people are coming in and moving out of the Bay Area every year. All Bay Movers has moved many of these people and you can benefit from our vast bank of experience.

For all of your moving specifications and requirements, All Bay Movers has everything you need. We proudly service all of the Bay Area and have a reputation as the best moving company in the Bay Area. 

All Bay Movers has the technical experience, professionally trained staff, and the reputation to make you feel comfortable with a high quality move. Our affordable movers have decades of commercial moving expertise. We’re glad to use our skills to make your move the best it can possibly be. So if you’re moving to Milpitas or moving from Milpitas, let All Bay Movers be your moving company.

If you have any questions or comments, please give All Bay Movers a call today. One of our friendly office representatives are ready to answer any question you may have.

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Residential local moving

Moving your home can be a real challenge: packing everything in a correct way while not forgetting or breaking anything, properly labeling all the boxes, carrying heavy loads, and finally moving itself to unknown area. Not surprisingly you may feel yourself stuck. It is normal to feel excitement, regret and even panic. Adding time pressures to the mix only heightens your anxiety. But in fact, the relocation doesn’t have to be scary – it can turn to become a real adventure. The best way to start your moving experience is working together with the professionals.

A local residential move is a short distance move within the same county, city or even street. So, if you are planning to move not that far, your move is considered to be a local one.

Start your first relocation by figuring out your overall budget. It is time to think of how you want to move. Can you do it yourself? Or do you want to hire a professional? Both options have their pros and cons. If you have decided to avoid stress and save your time, do your best to find a trustworthy reputable moving company. Contact several movers to obtain a quote. Don’t be shy to discuss the details, include them in the moving contract, and be sure to prepare an inventory of all your stuff. When choosing a move date, remember about the so-called “peak season dates.” If you are planning your move from May thru September it can cost you substantially more.

Packing your belongings in a proper way is significant to be sure your stuff arrives safely to your new home. Most reputable movers offer packing services as well as providing all the necessary materials: boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape and more. The packing specialists will wrap and pack everything with extra care in a short amount of time and prepare your belongings for delivery. All non-essential or seasonal items are usually boxed up first. Labeling all boxes as clearly as possible ahead of time can be very useful when it comes time to unpack. Be sure to take all of your important papers with you (keep valuable documents you may need kept separate on your person).  Also, pack your regular medicines, where you can easily find them.

Think of all possible incidents that could occur, and be sure your contract with the movers includes insurance to cover possible losses or damages. The inventory, which is an enumeration of all your belongings, should be added to the contract. Keep that list with you so you know if you are missing anything when you reach your destination.  It is also a good idea to take pictures of the most valuable and fragile stuff for liability purposes. Do this to prevent unpleasant situations. Everyone may wish their move goes well, but unfortunately, even the best moving companies have accidents occasionally.

If you are about to make your relocation, our company will be glad to help you. We are here to solve all your difficult tasks! We offer convenient services with a modern and professional approach at affordable prices. Our team will do everything we can for you to have the best move. We know everything about moving, and can give you many tips which will hopefully calm your nerves and save you time. Moving your home and removing your stress is our core principle! Good luck and may you enjoy your new home!


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7 easy steps to ensuring your claim is handled properly

Even if you have hired the best moving company, some unexpected damages or losses may happen. Here are 7 things you must know when your items are lost or damaged while moving.

  1. Contact your moving company to request a claim form. Often moving companies may offer you an option to file an electronic claim on their website. This option is very convenient and may save you a lot of time.

  2. Review the contract with your moving company. It is important to know the type of protection coverage. It can be basic valuation ($0.60 per pound per article) or full value protection (replacement, reimbursement, or repair for full item value). To get this information, you can review the contract with your movers. If you didn’t purchase full value protection before the move, you may not add it to your contract after the move is underway or complete.

  3. Fill in a claim form if your items are damaged or lost. Include a detailed description of all your broken items. Supply the form with photos, videos, and any other additional information which can help you to prove your stuff was broken during the relocation.

  4. Save damaged items so it will be possible to inspect them. Do not repair them and do not move them, it will be better just to leave them as they are to review the damages. If you have items that may be hazardous to your family, like broken glass or crushed sharp pieces of plastic (metal), just separate them to a safe area so that no one gets hurt.

  5. Try not to delay your claim. Do everything as fast as you can. After you have listed any damages or losses on the claim form, it needs to be returned to the mover. You have nine months from the delivery date to file a claim. And the movers must pay or deny the claim within 60 days of the completed claim submission.

  6. Know how it works. After the claim is submitted, a claims adjuster will be assigned. A claims adjuster is responsible for the contact with a local repair company, the representative of which should come out to your home to inspect the damages.

  7. If you are not satisfied with the moving company’s settlement offer, you can go to the claims court and challenge it.

Know the rules and the moving process will not cause you difficulties or unpleasant moments. Damages and losses are not fun to deal with, but your success depends mainly on you, and your consistency in action. Any good moving company cares if you are satisfied with their service. And their follow-ups on your claims can be the best indicator of their work. Finding a trustworthy mover should be a very significant factor in your search for a good moving company. Hopefully, these tips and suggestions will help you to avoid many unexpected moments and give you strength to resolve the damages or losses caused during your move. All the best!

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Moving Urban: Why America prefers crowds

Animals do it all the time. There’s safety in numbers, right? No wonder why Americans having been increasingly moving to bigger and bigger cities. The services provided by cities are far superior and better coordinated oftentimes than in more rural areas. The logic behind why people hire moving companies and head for big city is clear, but the consequences for rural America are less known. A May 7, 2019 article from City-lab says that “more than half of [rural areas]…did not grow or shrank in population” between 2008 and 2017. This is a remarkable decline in Flyover Country. America’s hinterland has been shedding, but the marked growth in city populations has led civil engineers and city planners to get creative with how to provide essential services to its residents and new arrivals. 

Projection for the next several decades put American cities on the brink of overpopulation. The implication for such a precipitous increase in population is more than just more business for packing and moving services or moving companies. Rents increase due to higher demand, which of course increases the strain and stress on city dwellers. Income inequality is also a byproduct of more and more people moving to the cities. Look at the San Francisco Bay Area for example. While the cost of living in places like Redwood City, East Palo Alto, eastern Oakland, and more are extremely high, the wages have not risen fast enough to keep up. This has led to union strikes and higher rates of exodus of lower income earners to the periphery of the Bay Area to cities like Merced, Modesto, Stockton, and Sacramento. All of this puts further strain for urban planning.

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